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Creative Ads

As the economy develops, our world has been thick with commercials and advertisements. However, not all the advertisements work as well as what the advertisers thought. Anyway, no one wants to read a boring paragraph of compliment or a long list about the promoted product. It is the creation in the advertisements that can really impress the viewers.

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Shoe Dance

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  • Interview with Chris Nichols
  • Photoshop: Making of Be My Valentine
  • 3ds Max: Making of Waiting
  • ZBrush: Making of Reichskrone
  • Photoshop: Project Overview – Public Transportation
  • Gallery – Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art

Magazine  for Designiers

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    Recycled Floppy Disk Artworks

    Living in a world packed with countless intangible data file, what does the traditional information carriers mean to us? Memories of childhood, collection or just junk? Nick Gentry, a London artist, will introduce us a new way about dealing with the mountains of tapes, polaroids, cassettes and disks. He gives them new life and uses them as a medium for art. Here are some of Gentry’s works. Each floppy disk used in the paintings has a history and story of its own, let’s view it together.

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    Creative Inspiration

    This post is part of our weekly series: showing some interesting Photos and Artworks around the Web so you can get inspiration for your design. If you want to share your great Photos or Artworks with our readers, just send them over via email with image source link using “Weekly Photos and Artworks Inspiration” in the subject. Enjoy the post.

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    Sexy and Funny Font

    Not long before, New York based graphic designer Alex Merto rewrote a series of new letters. In his creation, all the shapes of letters are sex-related. For instance, letter A is in the shape of ass, letter B looks like breasts, letter J is wearing a condom… I have to admit that the new image of the alphabet is, to a certain extent, fun and successful. Here is the design of Alex Merto, enjoy it and see if you can speak all of them out.

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    Here you can the creativity video of people who can create own creativity and show to you to show his inspiration to you. To how we can create Video to show our creativity…

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