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Voice search is undeniably growing at a rapid pace, and for good reason — it’s fast, convenient, allows you to search on the go, and it’s just cool. Even better, as the technology behind voice search services like Siri and Cortana improves, it’s becoming increasingly reliable.

Because of this, smart marketers are developing ways to tailor their SEO strategies for voice search. As typed-out search terms become less popular, it’s going to get more and more important to start making those adjustments.

Here are some ways that the rise of voice search will shape the future of SEO, and some tips on how to prepare.

1. Use Of Natural Speech Patterns

Most people don’t type the way they speak, especially when it comes to searching for something online. Think about it, when you’re searching for something through typing, you tend to use shorthand (like typing in “weather Santa Cruz” if you’re looking for the forecast in Santa Cruz). When you speak, it’s more likely that you’ll use the complete question (“What’s the weather like in Santa Cruz tomorrow?”). Because of this, it’s growing more important for voice search and SEO to pick up on users’ natural speech patterns.

As the programming behind voice search gets more refined — in 2012 the word error rate was over 20%, but now it’s as low as 8% — it’s getting much better at picking up our speech quirks. This means that marketers interested in voice search SEO will need to reflect this in their strategies.

One great way to do this is by using voice query research tools like Rank Tracker. This tool lets you type in keywords with wildcards to help you develop language that better reflects the natural speech patterns of voice search users.

You should also consider your online content in the context of voice search. To boost your search rankings, it’s important that you incorporate natural speech into your content. Consider using a more conversational tone to pick up on the nuances of everyday language.

2. Long-tail Keywords

In a similar vein, short tail keywords are quickly becoming less relevant when considering the natural phrases people tend to use in voice searches. And with 20% of mobile queries being voice searches and the ratio of voice search growing faster than type search, it’s getting more important than ever before to ensure that you’re using the right keywords to capture voice searches.

As voice search gets more popular, it’s growing more important to use conversational, long-tail keywords to boost your Search Engine Optimization. These tend to be longer and involve very specific keyword phrases that are used by people closer to the point of purchasing something. Because of this, you should have keywords that describe your product features and benefits as detailed as possible and involve proper phrases or sentences.

For example, if you sell classic furniture, the short keyword “furniture” probably won’t be too helpful to capture people using voice search. Instead, you should use keywords like “modern art deco-inspired low sofa” to better reflect what your potential customers are looking for.

3. Even More Emphasis On Mobile

The huge popularity of mobile devices is pretty old news at this point. However, with the emergence of voice search, mobile is becoming even more important. With over half of all search queries coming from mobile, marketers are focusing on it in the context of voice search to boost their SEO.

In this day and age, the best marketers understand that mobile should come before the desktop. And since most voice searches are done on-the-go via smartphones, this means that you need to make sure your content is optimized for mobile devices to appear higher on voice search rankings.

One way to do this is by taking Google’s mobile-friendly test, which will let you know if your web page will rank in mobile search (hint: it won’t unless you pass the test). You should also make sure all of your resources are crawlable, avoid Flash since it isn’t supported by most mobile browsers, and optimize your load time by compressing images. This way, when someone asks their smartphone a question related to your content, your web page will pop up to the top of the list.

The popularity of voice search is certainly exciting — it’s often easier and more convenient than typed-out searches, and younger generations are attracted to its “cool factor.” Because of this, it’s important that marketers pay attention to how this may affect their SEO. By researching the effects of voice search on search engine results, you can stay ahead of the competition in getting users to your web content.

What are some other ways you think voice search will impact SEO in the future?

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How do your marketing materials look? Do they grab and hold the attention of your customers and bring them closer to a purchasing decision? Do they convey a unified brand message? Or do they look unprofessional and downright tacky?

Brand image and customer perception are important factors that contribute to the success or failure of your business. If your logo design and advertisements need an upgrade, the five following tips can help.

1. Hire a Professional Logo Designer

One of the biggest mistakes made by small business owners is that they take a “good enough” approach to their company’s logo design needs. In order to save a few bucks, they design their own logo, website, T-shirts, brochures, business cards, flyers, print ads, and signage. They haven’t experienced logo artists themselves, but they play around with Photoshop for a bit until everything looks “good enough”.

As a result, their marketing materials come out looking like a jumble of fonts, colors, clip art, and text with no real sense of style or cohesiveness. Don’t do that. Hire a professional logo designer who will create powerful, branded marketing materials.

2. Don’t Hire a Designer On Craigslist Or Fiverr

But hiring a pro often seems like it’s just too expensive, especially for a small startup on a shoestring budget. If that describes your situation, then you’re probably looking online to find the cheapest logo designer you can find. This is usually a mistake. So-called “designers” on websites like Craigslist and Fiverr make offers that seem too good to be true. You plop down your money, and you often get something that is no better than your amateur Photoshop efforts mentioned above.

Or, you receive something that looks amazing – and six months later you’re slapped with a lawsuit because your “logo designer” from Fiverr stole a design from another company and sold it to you as their own.

3. Keep Things Simple

By now you’ve hopefully become convinced that hiring a real design pro is the right move. But maybe you just don’t have the money to invest and are still wondering how you can do things yourself. If you’re determined to do it yourself, at least focus on the two main elements of design: simplicity and unity. When creating a flyer, digital, or print ad, don’t stuff it full of text and clip art. Start with a single image and color scheme. Always try to reduce the number of words on the page. Keep it simple.

4. Be Consistent With Fonts and Colors

Take a look at advertisements by well-known brands, and lay them side by side with your own ads and marketing materials. See any differences? Good designs are consistent. They use a single font. They use the same color schemes on all their design work. If you saw their ads from across the room, you could often tell what company the ad is promoting without even seeing the company name, simply based on the color scheme and layouts. That’s the target you’re shooting for.

5. Use Large, Attractive Banners In-Store

For your in-store signage, the same principle applies, but with signs and banner ads you want to go big and bold. Take your designs to a local print shop to get your banners printed. You could save a little by doing it all online, but if there are any issues, it’s much easier to get them fixed locally. Banner stands for logo ads are pretty standard, so you can shop around online to get those. Just make sure that the sizes all match up with the banners, as there are many different sizes and styles to choose from.

Logo design is important for your small business. The advertisements you distribute will make an impression on your customers and potential customers, but to make that a good impression, your designs need to look very professional. If you can’t hire a pro, then make sure to follow the main rules of design and focus on simplicity and consistency.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) may sound like rocket science for those who are not familiar with it. It may be complicated at some level, but it really doesn’t have to be that way, especially when it comes to the basic steps. There are SEO techniques that anyone can easily do, even for those who are not highly technically savvy. You can also find a small big business SEO company in Jaipur that can help you improve your online presence and help you develop an effective SEO strategy for a successful online campaign.

Among the many steps and strategies used in SEO, there are some that you can easily do to start your online presence campaigns, here are some of them:

  1. Set up a Google My Business Account

By creating a Google My Business Account, your register your presence to the biggest search engine in the online world.  This is the first step to be recognized by Google and have bots crawl on your site, Make sure to provide complete and accurate information. This is how people will reach and find you. So ensure that you provide full information on your business operating hours, exact location, and other relevant information that will help people find you easily.

  1. Ensure Your Site Works for Mobile

The number of people using their smartphones is increasing over time so there are higher chances that people will search for you through mobile. Additionally, Google favors sites that are easily accessible and works well on different devices; so make sure that your site is also fit for mobile use. Use website development templates that are also fit for mobile, as there are already a lot of them available.

  1. Create a Social Media Presence

Social media is a great way to reach different people, as the number of social media users is already reaching billions, especially on big platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Social media is already a proven effective channel to drive traffic towards your site. They are also great platforms to make announcements, announce events, and interact with your customers.

  1. Create Good Content

Content is king. It has always been and will always be for quite some time, especially now that search engines favor good content. By doing content that adds value for your readers, you can easily make it on top of search engines. As well, the use of keywords is very important and you need to incorporate them into your content so they become searchable.

  1. Optimize Your Content

Optimizing content means using the right titles, headers, and meta descriptions of your content. These make it easy for search engines to index your site and feature its contents on search results. This must be consistent across your pages for better ranking.

There are many more SEO techniques that you need to learn and apply for your business to flourish in the online world. To save time and effort, hire an SEO company that will deliver good results for you and you will enjoy a lot of benefits from it.

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Digital marketing is evolving and adapting as our society does the same. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the inconsistencies. To stay relevant in today’s digital age, hiring a third-party digital marketing agency could really make a difference. But why hire a Jaipur Digital Marketing Agency? There are plenty of reasons why you should, but first, you should understand the purpose of a digital marketing agency and the many things they can do to help you.

What Do Digital Marketing Agencies Do?

Digital marketing agencies take marketing one step forward from the traditional definition. Their primary purpose is to help you increase profits through various digital methods. This could include social media, web design, email marketing, et cetera. Digital marketing agencies develop your online presence to grow your customer base and help you make more money.

Why Hire a Jaipur Digital Marketing Agency?

Now that you know what a digital marketing agency does, why should you hire one? There are many reasons why a digital marketing agency could benefit you, but most of them depend on you and your business. Each business has specific needs that could benefit differently from hiring a digital marketing agency. With that said, there are some general benefits that every business can experience.

Save money. Hiring a digital marketing agency can actually save you money in the long run. An agency can help optimize your digital campaigns, bringing you more profits to balance out your costs.

Gain the perspective of a creative professional. Digital marketing agencies hire only the best creative digital marketers to provide you with work guaranteed to have positive results. While you may be better at running your business, these people create digital campaigns for a living. By hiring an agency, you gain the perspective of creative professionals who know exactly what your business needs to succeed.

Save time. Let’s face it: as a business owner, you have a lot of things on your plate. A digital marketing campaign can save you the time of figuring things out yourself. Instead of guessing what might work best and throwing together last-minute digital campaigns for your business, a digital marketing agency can do things the right way the first time.

In the end, there are many reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency for your business. Not only will your business benefit, but you will benefit, too! By hiring a digital marketing agency, you can save both time and money while having the talent of a creative professional on your team.

Digital marketing agencies are dedicated to improving your digital presence in order to grow your customer base and increase your profits. When you have this added support on your side, your business is guaranteed to improve. Today, everything takes place digitally. Customers expect you to have a solid online presence in order to make their lives more convenient. As the old saying goes, “The customer is always right.” Just like every other aspect of a business, that applies here, too!

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If you are a business owner and have your physical store, then you should expand your business. You can spread your business in national and international locations. Physical stores provide you with limited benefits and sales.  The demand for the eCommerce industry has increased and you should also look to have an eCommerce website or online store. You can sell a wide range of services and products with the help of your online store. An e-commerce website offers a comprehensive range of benefits to merchants and retailers. Some of them we have listed below:

  • Convenience & Easiness: You can sell your products via electronic systems. You just need an internet connection and computer system in order to sell your products worldwide. It is very easy and convenient to sell products using an e-commerce system. Buyers also find online shopping very convenient so they search for a reputed online store to buy products.
  • Offer Product Datasheets: You can easily manage your orders and inventories. You will get the facility to keep the track of sold-out products and inventory available in stock.
  • Attract New Customers with Search Engine Visibility: You can get listed in major search engine organic or paid results. If you have a website, you can enhance your online presence and drive massive traffic to your website via search engines.
  • Comprise Warranty Information: You can show lots of information about your brand that also comprises warranty information.
  • Decreasing cost of inventory Management: You need not do lots of paperwork to manage your inventory and you don’t require separate staff to manage inventory. It helps decrease the cost of inventory management.
  • Keep Eye on Consumers’ Buying Habit: You can track the records of new and existing users to your website by using various tools. This data helps you find out the buying habits of your existing customers.
  • Competence: You need an online store and its promotion as it keeps you ahead of your competitors.
  • Allow Happy Customers to Sell Your Products
  • Selling Products Across the World: You just not limited to sell your products in your locality; you can reach various countries with the help of e-commerce store.
  • Stay open 24*7/365: Your e-commerce website allows you to sell products anywhere at any time.
  • Economy: It saves your lots of effort and money. So this is very cost-effective.
  • Boost Brand Awareness: It helps boost your brand reputation. You can enhance your visibility in search engines and social media channels. You can make people aware of yours.
  • Decrease Costs: You need not invest your money in advertising your business. After having an online store, you can find cost-effective advertising ways to promote your business such as Digital Marketing, SEO Services, PPC, and social media traffic.
  • Offer Huge Information: You can provide huge information about your products to customers which are not possible in the physical stores.
  • Analytics: You can easily calculate and evaluate your business success by using analytics.
  • Expand Market for Niche Products: Nowadays people can search for products and buy them from any corner of the world.

There are lots of other reasons to invest in an e-commerce website such as Scalability, Ability of Multi-site, affordability, and much more.

If you are looking for a reliable website development company in Jaipur, India, look no further than cross graphic. This is the best web design company.

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