In the current era, no business is simply limited to where it is established. With the power of internet, it is easy to go global after having started the business online. You need to choose a proficient digital marketing company for digital marketing services like web design services, SEO services and others. A professional SEO company must always stay by your side to assist you. An SEO company in Jaipur can help you to reach the target customers, attract more traffic and create sales. Businesses that ignore search engine optimization services, they are committing great mistake. When the online visitor checks for products and services, he gets the names of hundreds of websites, and if you want to make it to the top, you have to take up SEO services. SEO plays a key role for websites nowadays. For any business to grow or flourish, SEO is an important marketing segment that needs to be considered. There are various benefits of outsourcing SEO services.

Pros of SEO services

If you want to attain more traffic to the site or boost revenue, you have to capitalize on professional SEO services. It may fabulously maximize inbound traffic. Your site will attain popularity on different platforms like search engine and social media. The process of SEO optimization can help a business site to attain top ranking across the search engines. Your customers are not too far away from accessing your website, if you use SEO services. The following are the major perks associated with outsourcing SEO services:

  • No Staff Issues

When you outsource SEO service to another firm, you need not face staff issues. There is no need to have an in-house team of SEO providers for doing the SEO work. You may expect to get best quality SEO services along with other digital marketing services. You need not employ a full time SEO writer as the professional firm will have a team of writers to produce quality content. You will find the team of excellent web builders to execute linking process.

  • Proficient team

If you have chosen a reliable SEO company, you will get services from a proficient team of service providers. The team of professionals will be proficient at each and every aspect of SEO. Choose a firm as per the level of experience it has. The project will be delivered in a timely manner and at cost effective rates. The agency will adopt suitable tracking system and thereby offer you regular reports.

  • Understanding business

Good set of digital marketing firms offer services only when they have understood the nature of a business, its needs along with the goals and objectives. It will consider your business and deliver services as per the needs.

  • Budget control

To control the SEO cost, you may consider taking an SEO package from a proficient SEO firm. Some of the SEO firms also come up with attractive discount offers and deals. If you are in a limited budget, you can include certain SEO services.

  • Learning about new perspectives

Proficient SEO providers will stay updated with the latest changes taking place in the realm of SEO. It will implement all the latest SEO techniques to rank your website higher.

Digital Marketing Company can help a business flourish and bring in huge profits.


SEO is an abbreviation for ‘search engine optimization’ which is actually a marketing tool employed by businesses to boost their site’s visibility and to rank higher across the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As a business owner, you might feel why to invest on SEO services. Simply having a website is not enough. Your website will prove a versatile marketing tool only when you put some effort and make it optimized. So, if the site is optimized for search engines, it will be found by more number of users looking for similar products you sell.

SEO Marketing Defined

Search engines like Google and Bing have set their own rules, algorithms and standards and it is on the basis of such rules and algorithms that a site is ranked across the search engines. So, SEO marketing targets search results and help a site to acquire a high rank. If a business website ranks high, the site will be displayed or shown on Google’s first page after someone enters the keyword in the search box. Thus, the chance of getting more clicks and visitors is directly increased. As there are hundreds of other businesses selling products and services similar to yours, you need to attain high ranking to move ahead of your competitors. SEO marketing is a marketing tool used to attain high ranking.

Why focus on search engine optimization?

SEO Company in Jaipur can benefit you in several ways. SEO is now being adopted as the leading online marketing strategy for it delivers good results in terms of more traffic, more visibility and exposure and ultimately more sales and profits. The following are the reasons for using this effective marketing strategy:

·         Sites acquiring top positions on Google results pages attain most clicks and majority of impression. So, by attaining top positions or top rankings, there can be a significant increase of traffic to the website.

·         SEO fosters quantifiable and trackable results. An SEO agency will be able to track each aspect of the strategy employed and how far it is working in terms of more traffic, conversion, sales and ROI.

·         SEO services can make your site more user friendly and navigable. Professional SEO providers rearrange the architecture of the site and the links in a way that it is found easily.

For business owners

Businesses must use SEO as the marketing tool to gain more visibility and site exposure since it is a cost effective marketing strategy targeting those potential customers who actively look for the products and services a business sells. The inbound nature of SEO helps to save money as it is better than cold-calls.

For consumers

SEO marketing is the marketing tool which makes the site easy-to-navigate and increases the site’s usability. Users can easily find information on your business, products and services. In a way, it delivers value to the customers.

Using search media to build your business and brand

Search engine optimization is used by many a businesses as a marketing tool to gain more visibility, recognition and exposure online. The marketing tool, if used properly, can establish an imposing online presence for the business.

From the above factors, it is clear why one must use SEO marketing services by digital marketing company in jaipur.

While businesses have become increasingly savvy about including SEO in their marketing plans, most have not yet developed an effective SEO strategy. In my experience working with SMBs and multinational corporations over the past 18 years, I’ve found that organizations might have started implementing a strategy when they last redesigned their website, but typically, over time, it has devolved into little more than a trivial exercise known to very few, if any, in the organization.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s definitely time to design a profitable, comprehensive SEO strategy.

What is a comprehensive SEO strategy?

For your marketing initiatives to be successful, it’s essential for your company to identify its unique value proposition. What sets your products and/or services apart from those of your competitors? Why should a consumer choose to do business with you? What is the primary reason people should buy from you or hire you, beyond price, years of experience and the services or products you offer?

Once you’re clear on your unique value proposition and goals for the future, you’re ready to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy that will build brand authority, drive incremental organic traffic and convert site visitors into customers. This strategy will include:

• Website content that supports your unique value proposition

• Specific keywords related to your brand/value proposition

• Website architecture and design that enhances search, user experience and conversion rates

• A plan to develop and distribute original, valuable content across multiple channels (content calendar)

• A plan for sustaining and improving your SEO

Why should my business have a comprehensive strategy?

Without a comprehensive strategy and plan for sustaining and improving SEO, other pressing issues take precedence, and good intentions about SEO fall by the wayside. You might, for example, do some keyword analysis, on-page optimization and blogging, but not really have time for redesigning your website or developing valuable content. While this limited effort is understandable, it deprives you of the opportunity to reap the full benefits of your website, putting you behind savvy competitors in search, conversion, brand authority and marketing ROI.

In contrast, implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy could put you ahead of the competition. If your website is search and user-friendly, if it is the authoritative source for information about your brand, if you are developing valuable content related to your brand and if you keep improving your website and distributing this relevant content, then you will ultimately be building brand authority, converting more site visitors into customers and increasing your bottom line.

Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only community for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies.

How do we sustain a profitable, comprehensive SEO strategy?

Partnering with a digital agency that has successfully helped businesses implement and sustain high-performing SEO strategies is probably your best bet for ensuring your company is positioned to reap the full benefits of SEO. If, however, such a partnership isn’t feasible, make sure your in-house marketing team has the capacity for identifying and leveraging your unique value proposition, conducting keyword research based on customers’ needs, using analytics to review and improve SEO and adhering to a plan to develop and distribute original, useful content.

In businesses of all types and sizes, I’ve found that sticking to a content development plan is probably the most difficult part of sustaining a comprehensive SEO strategy. People have a hard time continually creating authoritative content that is useful to their customers. Typically, they resort to reiterating sales propositions, repurposing their website content or paraphrasing a competitor instead of actually creating content that appeals to customers’ emotions and needs for authoritative facts.

I always recommend telling your organization’s stories and incorporating enough facts to make them real to customers. People love hearing good stories, and your organization probably has many to tell (e.g., innovative ways customers use your products, successes your clients have achieved, improvements you’ve made in your services, etc.). Published strategically on your website, on social media, in press releases, in blog posts, on YouTube, in paid ads and on other platforms, these stories will bring you the valuable inbound links, brand authority and increased search impact you need to be successful in today’s highly competitive digital environment.

What should we do now?

Too often businesses invest in fancy websites but don’t implement a sustainable SEO strategy to maximize their ROI and bottom line. If you want to harness the power of the internet to increase profitability in 2018 and beyond, now is the time to integrate a comprehensive SEO strategy into your marketing plan.

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As the CEO of a marketing company actively hiring, I’ve had to inform many people that they have not been selected for an interview. Every “rejection” email I’ve sent has forced me to identify what it really takes to succeed in digital marketing.

It’s been quite the process to figure out what success looks like in digital marketing, as I first had to figure out what success meant for myself. I started my digital marketing career by launching my first WordPress website more than a decade ago. While working as a financial auditor and social media manager, I learned about digital marketing but really refined my skills as a digital marketing freelancer. After getting my freelance site to rank on the first page of Google for the term, “digital marketing company,” I ended up hiring people to officially form a company.

Following several hiring and firing experiences, I’m now confident about which skills are necessary for a digital marketing career. Here are those skills.

1. A Passion For Writing

The word “wrote” should consistently reappear on a resume when describing the previous work experiences of a digital marketer: Wrote SEO optimized blog posts. Wrote website copy. Wrote social media status updates. Wrote email campaigns. You get the idea. Digital marketers need to be comfortable writing an SEO optimized blog post, a client recap email and a witty status update.

Action Item: Write “x” number of words each day; the only way to improve your writing skills is to write frequently.

After some practice, showcase your writing skills through a customized cover letter. Only 10% of applications we receive have a cover letter. If you really want to stand out on an application, include a writing sample expressing why you are interested in the company.

2. A Love Of Numbers

Data drives decisions and actions within digital marketing. That’s why I look for three common words in the description of previous digital marketing positions: optimize, customize, manage.

Interpreting analytical data enables a digital marketer to optimize an SEO blog post, customize a MailChimp email or manage a Google AdWords campaign. Spreadsheets, percentages and trends are your friends.

Action Item: At a minimum, get familiar with Google Analytics. Get access to an account with data to analyze. If you can’t get access, get certified through Google’s course. Then highlight any love for numbers in your skills, certifications or work experiences on a resume.

3. Communication Skills

There is a clear correlation between communication and success within a digital marketing career. Just look at two of our most important objectives in our digital marketing positions:

• Interface and communicate consistently with clients.

• Ensure marketing message clarity (in other words, target audiences “get” what you’re selling).

If you are a great communicator, you’ll be a great digital marketer.

Action Item: Pick a message and a medium, then communicate through that medium. That’s the formula. The ways to follow that formula to improve communication are endless. Create a Slideshare presentation. Give a speech. Write a post on Medium. Run a marketing campaign. Tweet. Pick up a phone and talk to a business owner. Blind email someone you’ve always wanted to meet. Then apply your communication style and approach to everything you do – including your resume and interview experiences.

4. Creativity

Digital marketing requires you to take a product or service and talk about that product or service in a unique way about 150 times a year (assuming you have three social media posts per week, the average number that we post on behalf of clients). Digital marketers need to look at a product or service and see what others don’t see. For a lack of a better term, you need to be creative.

Action Item: Pick any item and identify 10 different things you can do with that item. Use “duct tape” if you need a starting point. Then look at the company you’d like to work at. Identify three things that are unique about the company. Three things that could be improved. Three things that you could help with. Communicate those learnings to the company to express your creativity.

Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only community for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. Do I qualify?

5. Time Management

The internet is a distracting place: Email. Notifications. Pop-ups. GIFs. Ads. Managing time to achieve results is critical for a digital marketer.

Action Item: Identify six things you will accomplish each day. Assign a time window to achieve each task. Then accomplish those things without getting distracted. Perfect time management and you’ll get results – whether it be a marketing campaign or launching a digital marketing career.

These skills are simple. But like any skills, they take time to accumulate. Prioritize the perfection of these skills and they’ll accelerate your career journey within digital marketing.

Web design and development is constantly evolving, and upcoming technologies influence the design and development trends.

Predictions are made for each year, and the 2018 ones have started to roll in and we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds. But first, let’s look at what’s popular already and trending this year

01. Colors – vivid color layers

Colors have direct relationships with emotions, thoughts, and decision power of website visitors, hence on conversion rates. Pantone has declared Greenery as the color of the year 2017, saying that it’s both refreshing and “nature’s neutral”.

Material Design by Google is gaining ground in 2017 too, and its bright and bold colors with deep shadows are used heavily in recent website UI design and development.
Another noteworthy trend for colors in design is vivid layers of colors. The staggered and stacked layers of different and contrasting color are adding depth to the design. If the texture has added in it, it becomes a stunning, stylish example, as found on the website of the artist Melissa Meio-Fio.

02. Kaleidoscopic gradients

Color gradients can exert unique effects on the web canvas so kaleidoscopic gradients have returned, and the homepage of the Y7K agency is an excellent example of it. It has made two-tone effect fresh and modern with gradient-washed web page design.

The homepage (and logo) of project management tool Asana is another example that infuses a personality in design using gradients. Similarly, Instagram app icon has employed bold color gradients in the redesign to grab immediate attentions.

03. Duotone

Two-tone color schemes in modern web design and development are rampant. It makes design cool and contemporary to enhance retention and conversion rate. For instance, Australian Design Radio is a great example of it.

04. Cinemagraphs

Today Gif-o-graphics is a trend on social media and websites to describe things using decent animations. The Gif format gives lightweight and high-performing animation files to run on the web with constraints in bandwidth and connectivity.

Some compressed and high-definition video formats also provide an opportunity to sell and support products, services, and content on the web. Therefore, cinemagraphs has been a trend to add movements and visual impacts to grab attention of visitors and retain them for longer on the sites.

05. Illustrations

Hand-drawn art has unique temptations for an audience, and illustrated design simulating the same is gaining significance. Graphics and illustrations are adding a bit of personality to the site and are great for storytelling concepts.

For instance, an Australian digital agency ED. has designed the NewActon website using sumptuous illustrations, which is a charming example in itself.

06. Typography

The Bold typeface on homepage and landing pages are trendy in 2017 for web design and web development niches. For example, the French agency Big Youth uses a big and bold typography style with minimal and clean web design.

It grabs attention span of website visitors for longer and inspires them to go ahead and explore deeper into the pages. Apropos of it, the Danish design agency B14 has used straight forward text by eliminating images, and use navigation with disruptive elements to describe their work.

07. Combination of horizontal & vertical texts

Just like typography styles, text orientations also play a vital role in web design in 2017. Today web designers are breaking conventions of keeping horizontal alignment, mixing the vertical alignment with horizontal text to capture the attentions of web visitors towards their prominent message.

08. Geometric shapes & patterns

In 2016, the web design landscape was dominated by flat and Material Design. Now, in 2017, creative web designers are adding some whimsical patterns and geometric shapes to bring variations and uniqueness in the web page design.

09. Overlapping texts & images

With the advent of designing and programming technologies, overlapping of text on images is easy to design even in responsive web design projects. Therefore, Thibault Pailloux who is a designer and front-end developer has made his homepage stand out using colorful underlines beneath the text titles, which are overlapping the images.

10. Unique layouts

We have seen trends regarding overlapping of texts on images. Similarly, images and layout components like boxes, outlines, and grid elements are also overlapping each other, or the texts themselves are creating unique layouts.

Two examples are the Outline news agency, which uses a unique layout to highlight its content beautifully, and Bauhaus-Archiv that has applied a responsive grid in their card design concept.


11. SVG

Traditional raster images have several drawbacks in modern mobile-friendly web design landscape. Therefore, vector based graphics like scalable vector graphics (SVG) image formats are in demand and used more in 2017, just for the sake of performance and loading speed.

SVG images are resolution-independent and extremely lightweight due to the simple XML code base and elimination of the need for HTTP requests for loading. Since page loading speed and overall performance of web pages are ranking factors for search engines, web designers are compelled to look for SVG images for their stunning image displays.

12. Conversational interface

Today machine learning and artificial intelligence are rocking technologies and stretching their tentacles into the web and mobile fields. For web designers, conversational interfaces such as live chats with AI capabilities, say Chatbot, voice UI, and smart assistants are dominating the web design trends.

For instance, Zo and Xiaoice are giving exceptional web experiences, particularly for eCommerce sites to drive traffic as well as convert visitors quickly with high rates.


These twelve web design and development trends are just the tip of the iceberg in the sea of tech innovations and evolution of web design. However, for a website owner, it should be enough to get inspiration for their dream project.

Bare in mind that what is cool isn’t necessarily what you need. It can be difficult to judge which trends are better for your site, and which are useless for your target audience. That’s where the digital and creative website development company in jaipur can provide their expert eyes for web design and let experienced web developers translate the designs into well-working websites for a great ROI.

Voice search is undeniably growing at a rapid pace, and for good reason — it’s fast, convenient, allows you to search on the go, and it’s just cool. Even better, as the technology behind voice search services like Siri and Cortana improves, it’s becoming increasingly reliable.

Because of this, smart marketers are developing ways to tailor their SEO strategies for voice search. As typed-out search terms become less popular, it’s going to get more and more important to start making those adjustments.

Here are some ways that the rise of voice search will shape the future of SEO, and some tips on how to prepare.

1. Use Of Natural Speech Patterns

Most people don’t type the way they speak, especially when it comes to searching for something online. Think about it, when you’re searching for something through typing, you tend to use shorthand (like typing in “weather Santa Cruz” if you’re looking for the forecast in Santa Cruz). When you speak, it’s more likely that you’ll use the complete question (“What’s the weather like in Santa Cruz tomorrow?”). Because of this, it’s growing more important for voice search and SEO to pick up on users’ natural speech patterns.

As the programming behind voice search gets more refined — in 2012 the word error rate was over 20%, but now it’s as low as 8% — it’s getting much better at picking up our speech quirks. This means that marketers interested in voice search SEO will need to reflect this in their strategies.

One great way to do this is using voice query research tools like Rank Tracker. This tool lets you type in keywords with wildcards to help you develop language that better reflects the natural speech patterns of voice search users.

You should also consider your online content in the context of voice search. To boost your search rankings, it’s important that you incorporate natural speech in your content. Consider using a more conversational tone to pick up on the nuances of everyday language.

2. Long-tail Keywords

In a similar vein, short tail keywords are quickly becoming less relevant when considering the natural phrases people tend to use in voice searches. And with 20% of mobile queries being voice searches and the ratio of voice search growing faster than type search, it’s getting more important than ever before to ensure that you’re using the right keywords to capture voice searches.

As voice search gets more popular, it’s growing more important to use conversational, long-tail keywords to boost your Search Engine Optimization. These tend to be longer and involve very specific keyword phrases that are used by people closer to the point of purchasing something. Because of this, you should have keywords that describe your product features and benefits as detailed as possible and involve proper phrases or sentences.

For example, if you sell classic furniture, the short keyword “furniture” probably won’t be too helpful to capture people using voice search. Instead, you should use keywords like “modern art deco-inspired low sofa” to better reflect what your potential customers are looking for.

3. Even More Emphasis On Mobile

The huge popularity of mobile devices is pretty old news at this point. However, with the emergence of voice search, mobile is becoming even more important. With over half of all search queries coming from mobile, marketers are focusing on it in the context of voice search to boost their SEO.

In this day and age, the best marketers understand that mobile should come before desktop. And since most voice searches are done on-the-go via smartphones, this means that you need to make sure your content is optimized for mobile devices to appear higher on voice search rankings.

One way to do this is by taking Google’s mobile-friendly test, which will let you know if your web page will rank in mobile search (hint: it won’t unless you pass the test). You should also make sure all of your resources are crawlable, avoid Flash since it isn’t supported by most mobile browsers, and optimize your load time by compressing images. This way, when someone asks their smartphone a question related to your content, your web page will pop up to the top of the list.

The popularity of voice search is certainly exciting — it’s often easier and more convenient than typed-out searches, and younger generations are attracted to its “cool factor.” Because of this, it’s important that marketers pay attention to how this may affect their SEO. By researching the effects of voice search on search engine results, you can stay ahead of the competition in getting users to your web content.

What are some other ways you think voice search will impact SEO in the future?



How do your marketing materials look? Do they grab and hold the attention of your customers and bring them closer to a purchasing decision? Do they convey a unified brand message? Or do they look unprofessional and downright tacky?

Brand image and customer perception are important factors that contribute to the success or failure of your business. If your logo design and advertisements need an upgrade, the five following tips can help.

1. Hire a Professional Logo Designer

One of the biggest mistakes made by small business owners is that they take a “good enough” approach to their company’s logo design needs. In order to save a few bucks, they design their own logo, website, T-shirts, brochures, business cards, flyers, print ads and signage. They aren’t experienced logo artists themselves, but they play around with Photoshop for a bit until everything looks “good enough”.

As a result, their marketing materials come out looking like a jumble of fonts, colors, clip art and text with no real sense of style or cohesiveness. Don’t do that. Hire a professional logo designer who will create powerful, branded marketing materials.

2. Don’t Hire a Designer On Craigslist Or Fiverr

But hiring a pro often seems like it’s just too expensive, especially for a small startup on a shoestring budget. If that describes your situation, then you’re probably looking online to find the cheapest logo designer you can find. This is usually a mistake. So-called “designers” on websites like Craigslist and Fiverr make offers that seem too good to be true. You plop down your money, and you often get something that is no better than your amateur Photoshop efforts mentioned above.

Or, you receive something that looks amazing – and six months later you’re slapped with a lawsuit because your “logo designer” from Fiverr stole a design from another company and sold it to you as their own.

3. Keep Things Simple

By now you’ve hopefully become convinced that hiring a real design pro is the right move. But maybe you just don’t have the money to invest and are still wondering how you can do things yourself. If you’re determined to do it yourself, at least focus on the two main elements of design: simplicity and unity. When creating a flyer, digital or print ad, don’t stuff it full of text and clip art. Start with a single image and color scheme. Always try to reduce the number of words on the page. Keep it simple.

4. Be Consistent With Fonts and Colors

Take a look at advertisements by well-known brands, and lay them side by side with your own ads and marketing materials. See any differences? Good designs are consistent. They use a single font. They use the same color schemes on all their design work. If you saw their ads from across the room, you could often tell what company the ad is promoting without even seeing the company name, simply based on the color scheme and layouts. That’s the target you’re shooting for.

5. Use Large, Attractive Banners In-Store

For your in-store signage, the same principle apply, but with signs and banner ads you want to go big and bold. Take your designs to a local print shop to get your banners printed. You could save a little by doing it all online, but if there are any issues, it’s much easier to get them fixed locally. Banner stands for logo ads are pretty standard, so you can shop around online to get those. Just make sure that the sizes all match up with the banners, as there are many different sizes and style to choose from.

Logo design is important for your small business. The advertisements you distribute will make an impression on your customers and potential customers, but to make that a good impression, your designs need to look very professional. If you can’t hire a pro, then make sure to follow the main rules of design and focus on simplicity and consistency.

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