SEO is a complex topic that sounds simple, so let’s clarify what it means before we get into the meat of the issue. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization refers to how search engines determine which links are shown first to users.

This determination centers around certain factors in the case of the results stemming from an organic search (non-paid). That’s not all. The benefits and profitability of SEO are even increasing with respect to mobile platforms. SEO refers to the set of factors that determine the search ranking of your landing page and other links in relation to many factors.

Framing the issue is important before getting into the question of why SEO is so important in the first place. Most people intuitively understand that the higher their site’s landing page shows at the top of a search engine’s results page, the more traffic they will receive. In reality, the influence that search engines have over the results you see and the frequency at which search engines are used may surprise you.

The fact of the matter is that search engines generally dictate what gets shown and what doesn’t get shown. Nowadays, search engines appear to have taken on a referencing role based on website relevance in addition to a simple search function. Interestingly, search sites like Google act as both gateways and gatekeepers to the rest of the Internet.

Google controls seven out of every ten searches. Because of this, Google is a gateway that most people use to find other sites that they need. On the other hand, Google is also a gatekeeper based on how it organizes and ranks the links of various websites.

This article will go over five ranking factors used by Google to shed insight into the details of that ranking process. In other words, by reviewing the features of the gatekeeping process, we can implement more robust and effective SEO measures.

1. Provide Useful Content

The more accurate, helpful, and reputable your content is, the better SEO results you’ll get. Simple, right? In theory, good content leads to higher rankings. The problem here is that machines are sorting through and making judgments on what’s good or bad. So you’re really trying to hit a number of things that mimic or approximate good content in your SEO quest. Making small, impactful, and targeted changes is key to creating the type of content attractive to search engines.

2. Write Suitable and Attractive Anchor Text

What’s anchor text? It’s basically the blue underlined stuff that you click on when you browse the Internet that takes you to another related site. Essentially, the HTML code specifies a section of text and associates it with a link to create the hyperlink that we are all familiar with.

So how do you add a bit of flair to your anchor text beyond its depressingly default color of blue? Moz gives a number of suggestions, but in general you just want to want your anchor texts to be pithy, unique, simple, and relevant to the linked page.

3. Backlinks

Backlines are exactly what they sound like, but like all important SEO features on your site there are both good and excellent ways to use backlinks. The concept behind a backlink is incredibly simple. It refers to the sites that link to your site, or any other site. Let’s say the Wall Street Journal made a link to your website. That’s a backlink.

There’s a number of key things to do when considering backlink quality. These tips relate to making your backlinks more useful to site visitors. You can accomplish this by evaluating a site’s link relevancy through a number of factors like content and online tools. Focusing on real websites, or websites that experience a lot of traffic along with using authority sites will also boost your rankings.

4. Make Your Site Easier to Navigate

This one’s pretty easy to grasp too. Just don’t fill your site up with a much of unnecessary clutter. Clean simplicity is one of the reasons that Google was so successful as a search engine in its earlier stages. You want your site to get to the point. You want to capture your users and have them understand the purpose of your site within seconds. Finally, you’ll need to arrange buttons and widgets around a theme or style that appeals to the visitors for maximum ranking results.

Even Google itself thinks organization and navigation clarity are important in its SEO guide. It emphasizes things like the relationship between clean navigation and search engines and makes suggestions like planning your site around your homepage in order to make visitor browsing more convenient.

5.Consider RankBrain’s Algorithms

The significance of technology appears to have subtly increased to a great degree over the years. Google’s RankBrain is an example of an algorithm has been making waves on the issue of search traffic and rankings.

So how does Google do it? The larger category of technology is called artificial intelligence, coding computer to perform tasks that only humans normally handle. But with the arrival of a type of artificial learning called machine learning, RankBrain has certain elements that are capable of rewriting their own software to get better at ranking the most relevant sites.

The real impact of RankBrain manifests in its ability to interpret human meaning (in searches) to an extent: “RankBrain is designed to better understand the meaning behind the words a person uses and types into his or her search engine because 15 percent of queries per day had never been seen by Google” (Broadbent, 2017).

With the powerful machine learning technologies guiding SEO and the calculations behind the rankings of site relevance, focusing and studying up on the latest SEO trends across popular platforms has never been more important.

These days every business needs to be active in online marketing or digital marketing. Therefore, all the businesses, are investing in getting their online presence noticed. The very first step in this direction is to design and build a website of the company. Once the website is created, it is very important to publicize it online. This is done by a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For any website to get noticed online it is very important to get its SEO done. This is the best approach to boost your online presence and get top ranking in SERP of major search engines.

Search Engine optimization is one of the most important process of Digital Marketing. It involves lot of other activities as well. SEO processes are broadly divided in two categories viz. “On Page SEO” and “Off Page SEO”. Both of them are equally important for website promotion. We try to understand your business and do in-depth research to identify your target market and audience.  We have team of certified SEO experts who use latest and innovative approaches to offer you future update proof results. We try to enhance your online presence by using authentic or white hat SEO techniques.

Cross Graphic Ideas provides the best SEO services Jaipur. At Cross Graphic Ideas, we offer you best SEO solutions and that to at affordable rates. We have highly experienced resources that help you with the best SEO solution. We lay great emphasis on understanding client’s requirement and then we analyze and design the best solution for them. We are bound to offer quality solutions to all your problems associated with website promotion.

We can boost your online visibility by using various approaches such as content marketing, article submission, blog post, classified ads, press release and much more. We also do on site SEO to check the overall health of your website. We do keyword research and find out the relevant keyword for your business website.

With the consistent and timely delivery of best quality solutions, we are proud to have a large number of satisfied and happy clients. Our honesty and dedication towards what we do is the key to our success. Our resources are technically strong and well updated with all the latest technologies and methodologies. This combination of hard work and intelligence has really worked for us and our clients. We use latest and paid tools for market or competitive analysis.

We have successfully worked on several projects and we are presently working for 100+ clients. We have clients from almost all business domains and levels. We always give our unbiased and honest efforts to all our clients. We have large number of international clients as well and they are associated with us since years. We are bound to do quality work to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Cross Graphic Ideas is a reliable and best SEO company Jaipur. We have achieved Google Ad-word certified partner status. We are trusted by the Google to manage your adword campaign across all disciplines and channels. A business must have certification in adword in order to become a Google partner. We have Adword certified experts who have profound knowledge to manage your PPC accounts successfully.  If you are searching for a reliable PPC management service provider, then Cross Graphic Ideas is the right company for you.

Being a Google certified partner SEO Company, we offer a wide range of Pay per click advertising services and SEO solutions.

Why choose us?

  • Our certified experts help manage your PPC campaign and help you get brand exposure and improved ROI. They have vast experience in managing adword campaigns and they use effective PPC tips to help you get better results every time.
  • We provide you better PPC advertising campaign report management services. We do in-depth research in order to examine the current market position.
  • We implement the proven strategies and innovative approaches for positive results.
  • As we understand that an effective ad campaign generates more leads. So we create optimized Pay per Click landing page.
  • We put our best efforts and implement actionable strategies that help you get better number of sale and customer leads.
  • We bring paid traffic to your business website promptly
  • We have certified professionals who offer commendable Ad campaign setup that helps generate more online sales
  • We have team of SEO experts who know all the approaches and way to reduce CPC. They also help improve quality score level.
  • Our big management tricks also impact the results of your campaign


How we provide the best PPC management services?

Being a reputed Google Certified Partner SEO Company in Jaipur, we help our clients to decide the target market and PPC objectives. We communicate with our clients on regular basis to understand their goals. We do research in order to identify their target market and build strategy to achieve the best results at affordable CPC. We also keep an eye on the strategies of your competitors.

We do exact keyword research in order to target your products or services. We do in-depth keyword research to create ad groups for your campaign. We create themed campaign for precise search phrases. We enhance your online presence and bring massive traffic to your website promptly by featuring sponsored ads on your niche. Our compelling sponsored ads can improve your return on investment.

We can increase conversion rate, revenue, leads and sales by providing your better big management and bid optimization services. Our effective landing page management services bring more leads. Our certified experts choose best tracking tools for powerful reporting. They use Google Analytics tool to track all data.

If you have any query regarding Google adword or our certified experts, you can call us or drop an email. We would be happy to assist you.

The world is changing: physical, slowly but steadily, becomes digital. This is also the case with marketing.

Long gone are the days when marketing was done only with multiple physical-world media, such as billboards, radio and TV ads, and so on. Today, international, national and local companies push hard to market their brands in the digital space using a wide variety of tools and methods: SEM, PPC, SMM, content marketing, email marketing, etc. They realize the importance of being on the potential clients’ radar in the digital space.

If you truly want to go digital as well, you can choose any of the aforementioned promotion methods but make sure that search engine optimization is on your priority list. Utilizing the power of SEO, your get long-lasting results in search and build a continuous stream of clients from Google and Bing.

The SEO niche is pretty competitive, and it makes sense to do your homework before choosing an agency that will be responsible for optimizing your site. If you are looking for an expert of SEO in Jaipur, I recommend to consider Cross Graphic Ideas, a full-cycle digital marketing agency run by Sanjay Soni a certified Google Analytics expert and digital marketing guru.

Why Choose a Professional SEO Agency?

Certainly, you can easily find lots of information on how to do SEO on the Web; however, if you want to take your business to the next level, choosing a professional agency is the only viable option. There are, however, certain things you need to consider before doing that.

What tools does the agency use?

Search engine optimization consists of three major parts: on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technical SEO. To get tangible results in any of these, an SEO pro should use specific tools and instruments. If you find out that an agency does SEO manually, don’t choose it because you won’t be able to hold it accountable for the results.

Meanwhile, agencies that rely on high-quality instruments to conduct an audit or do a competitor analysis do wonders. They collect and analyze data only then start improving your site. As a result, your business drives traffic, attracts clients and gets more revenue.

Are agency’s SEOs certified?

Check if an agency’s employs professionals who can deliver the most value to your site. A professional agency should hire at least a couple of Google- and Bing-certified search engine optimization experts. Most likely, they will hold a GA certification.

Also, check if a particular agency is a Google Partner. The partner’s badge is given only to the most professional companies that do digital marketing.

How many clients does the agency serve?

Good, respectable agencies never run out of clients. Search for reviews to check to see if you are going to hire the agency that has already cemented its position in the niche. Also, you can simply ask for references. If the agency doesn’t have anything to hide, its representatives will be happy to provide all the necessary info to you.

About Cross Graphic Ideas

Cross Graphic Ideas employs certified SEO experts and proves their proficiency with regular, tangible results. The agency’s pros are experienced in every aspect of search engine optimization — from basic on-page SEO to advanced AI-related methodologies. Obviously, they keep track of current trends, norms, and techniques of SEO, too. That is why the agency delivers value to its clients.

SEO can make or break your digital marketing campaign. If SEO isn’t conducted properly, your site can be downranked or penalized by search engines. On the flipside, high-quality optimization has the potential to bring your company to another level. Choose an SEO agency wisely and I guarantee that your business is going to thrive.

Jaipur web development agency Cross Graphic Ideas Web Design offers creative logo design, brochure  development, Search Engine Optimization. Social Media integration. Lead-Generation, Ecommerce, Membership sites and marketing to grow your brand in India, Jaipur with web development company India.


A website can be defined as simple domain that consists of lots of web pages. If you have a business, then business website can be very useful for you. There are many benefits of having a business website, some of them we have listed below:

It helps gain credibility

Nowadays people have started using internet to search for services and products they require. A business website helps gain credibility. If you don’t have website, your target audience will go to competitor’s website.  You should have a professional website that offers your image and help promote your services and products. It makes people aware about your business.

It saves money

You need not to spend money in other advertising expenses like newspaper ads and much more after having a business website. You have to pay one time for your web design and development and you can use this website for many years. You can reach potential customer and market by using your website this is a cost effective way to promote your product or service. You should look for the best website development company in Jaipur to make the value of your money and time by offering you an engaging, alluring, business centric website to promote your product and service. A deliberately developed site and internet marketing solutions offers wonderful benefits and costing outlines.

Accessible around the clock

Just like social media accounts, your website is accessible 24*7. It remains operation around the clock. Your clients can easily access your services by sitting at their home. This is also a convenient way to shop for the products people want.  You should consult with the reputed web design company in India in order to get user friendly website.


A website offers a convenient option to customers to look for different online stores to purchase desired products. This is like an one stop destination to look or search for specific service provider or online store.

By having an alluring business website you give your business an opportunity to tell your audience what you offer and why they should rely on you. Most people do in-depth research online for the services or products they want to buy. They check the credibility first. When you offer good quality products and services, you will build positive brand image about your business. A well recognized brand delivers new and more repeat business. People start trusting on your business after they deal with you using your business website. You can enhance your credibility and serve your costumer continuously by using your business website. You can easily find the companies that deal in web design Jaipur , SEO Services Jaipur, packaging design, newspaper ad design, and web design India.

Online Marketing

You cannot market your business online without having a website and it helps build trust among your customers. There are lots of online promotion techniques that you can use to promote your business online using your website.

This is really very important for any business to have business website.


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Happy Independence Day 2014

Happy Independence Day!!!

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Happy Independence Day 2014

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